Blazers for spring

After reading this months issue of Attitude magazine I learnt two things.
1) The political party’s views of LGBTQ problems.
2) How to wear blazers this spring.


Firstly blazers are light which makes them perfect for that hot weather, the sleeves are easily changed and as you can see from above they can be easily paired with shorts. Both the shorts and the blazer are both by topman and are priced together at £120. This look has a formal overtone but when worn over the top of the Paul Smith white t-shirt it develops a simple casual undertone.

If your looking for something more high end then look no further than this Hugo Boss suit. It is again worn with a white t-shirt, can you see a trend developing here?


The monochrome touch and the his chiseled jawline gives the entire look a splash of sexy sophistication.


This is proboably one of my favoruite looks in the entire collection. The way the deep purple blazer sleeves only come half way down his arm really ‘machos’ the look up for me. Of course this suit is none other than Vivienne Westwood (£881) but the glossy shoes are none other than your high street brand river island (£45).


It is a shame we don’t see the above look as often because if you have the arms for it then why not? This is perfect for events with a more relaxed yet formal dress code. You don’t have to wear anything underneath but could wear a white shirt and collar chain to make it more ‘high fashion’.


Just in case you want to know who this bombshell his name is Tyler Maher with storm models.

Have fun with this year’s trends and I hope to post again soon

Xoxo remember fashion is focus 😉


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