Daily thoughts #3

Yay third day doing daily thoughts, God I’m so commited!

So today for me was really boring when it comes to fashion. I was around the house revising and so felt no need to dress up, which is why I chose to go for the chic homless person look.

I wore those typical light brown chinos, some fluffy socks (which I later took off due to it being like 9000 degrees) and finally my favourite teen wolf jumper.

As you can see I was not very fashionable today, however part of the reason things come off ‘fashionable’ is due to the wearers confidence.

You don’t have to have the latest Burberry trenchcoat or Gucci bag to be fashionable. You need to know what looks good but also be confident in what you are wearing

At the end of the day you wear clothes not only to stay ‘unaked’ but also to show the world you I.e your clothes give off something about you and your personality.


Found this really nice picture of Zac Efron though, that’s as about as exciting as it gets sorry.


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