Daily thoughts #4

So today I was able to do something I had never done before. I managed to get a haircut and be completely happy with it!

This may sound extremely stuck up or slightly ‘diva’ but it’s not. I am paying for a service and I believe for the first time I am happy with my hair.

I wanted to talk about my love for a look I have recently in my opinion mastered.
This look is usually seen on the backs of women but of course was invented by you males reading this. The sailor look combines tradition with a 2015 spin on it


The look above is a literal approach, the blue and white stripes jumper is an easy way to convey the pompadour look.


However This look is more modern but contains the key blue and white theme the other did. As you can see the key part of the sailor look is the contrast between the white and the blue. Brown is also accompanied in this picture in the form of a bag, however a Brown plaited belt will work just as well.

I actually love this look so much I will probaobly dedicate a whole post to it!


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