Poetry slam 😝

I just wrote some poetry so I thought I would you know out it online. Word of warning it’s quite dark!

A deadly Sin

I’m a young man strong and fine

Any princess or wench I could make mine

Many zany nights of play and passion

Taking innocence making mothers’ faces go ashen

I bribed, I blackmailed, I worked my way to the top

But you know what they say it’s a long way to drop

I was a legend, no a god all my dreams had come true

But friends and allies I did have a few

No one could take me down

I rule my world, my castle my town

I’m a king among rabble a new god to rule

No one, nothing could make me a fool

Until one moonlit night a girl walks by

I don’t even catch her eye

My heart wants, but the hunger wants more

So bad it makes me ache with awe

Who is this girl? What is her name?

Is she wild or is she tamed?

Do I trick? Do I flirt?

Or do I treat her like nothing but dirt?

Lashes like ravens wings, thick with the wind’s touch

Lips like honeysuckle just a taste can be too much

Skin like cotton sheets ruffled as time goes on

A voice so deadly as if a siren song

Purity is innocence you are the purest of them all

Untouched by man’s corruption they become your thrall

Your words are a weapon like that of cupids bow

Your lips are the arrow that strikes the fatal blow

Your words undo me like a spell I cannot fight

Your hands beneath the covers bewitching in the night

Your body is the trophy your heart second prize

You refuse me once, twice a part of me dies

I feel your breath on my neck, but invisible is the knife

Cold blade upon my roaring skin yearns for the your touch of life

Love is blind, but so is lust I do not see the danger

I am as helpless as a newborn child lying alone, asleep In a manger


Look at me, touch me, feel my heart pounding in my chest

For you to bestow me a kiss would only mean me blessed

I would go happy knowing my burning flesh subdued

Even if it meant my red heart blued

You throw me down my hands grip hard

Your nails scratch my back, I’m scarred

I bite your neck you tear at mine

It hurts so much, but still devine

You’re still on top my hands are bound

I am the white rabbit you the chasing hound

My blood heats up I cannot move

Your lips no longer cure and soothe

My bones begin to crack and break

I try to scream but no sound i make

My eyes close and soul decays

Life flashing so many wasted days

Not finding love but feeding lust

Void of knowledge, compassion and trust

One girl to end them all

Her legs, her bust, so fine so tall

I want it back my youth my life

the sex the lust not work the sacrafice

But it says no I have had my chance

I sang my last song I have danced my last dance


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