Fashion icon- Colton Haynes

As well as showing us his almost flawfless face on tv shows such as Teen wolf and Arrow, Colton Haynes has worn some of the hottest looks over the past few years.


Above, he pulls of that leather jacket like a full fledged member of the Sons of anarchy. His jaw line could cut diamond and so could his dress sense. He always looks insanely well groomed and could undoubtly pull of anything


Don’t you just love this look? Not only does it scream sexy skater boy it also fits in perfectly with the backdrop of the big Apple. The plain grey tank top and the snazzy black hightops blend perfectly into the jumper he wears around his waist. Personally I want to see if his underwear matches this black and white pallet.


But there all casual you say? Well he scrubs up pretty well too doesn’t he! He effortlessly wears the tuxedo like James bond himself

Kieran Galpin

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Hats off to you #2

After showing all you stylists out there how to pull of the bowler the only thing to follow this iconic look would be the one that made its apparence in the 1920’s.

2) The Trilby


proboably one of the most well known ‘old day’ hats is the trilby. As you can see from above it fits in with many different styles from the sleek suit on Matt Bomer ( bottom left) to the casual trendiness of Andrew Garfield (bottom right). No matter how old or young there’s a trilby out there to Match your wardrobe.

Having the trilby pushed back on your head allows you to show off your well groomed hair but also brings attention to your neck and jawline. You could wear a pair of dark shorts and plimpsoles to show your legs in the summer, wear a simple tee and an opened shirt to be able to walk round the park in style! 😉
If your looking for something more sophisticated take a plain whit shirt and a plain blazer, this way all the attention is brought to the hat, and all those passers by will be looking at you with jealousy and awe.

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Hats off to you #1

When picking an outfit the hardest thing can be choosing the correct accessories to not only match but complement what you are already wearing.

There is one accessory that will always make an outfit, since the dawn of time they have been worn for all sorts of occasions. Of course I am talking about the hat! Whether it be a bowler or a beanie a hat will make an outfit perfect for any occasion.

1) bowler/derby


Damn good look

As you can see the bowler hat develops a sophisticated and manages to fit nicely with the jeans. Bowlers were popular with the middle class in the victorian era and today they are still appearing on the heads of the most sophisticated men in the world. Why not try pairing it with a trench coat and pinstriped shirt? Or for a more casual look a leather jacket and a pair of your favourite leather boots will do nicely with a white shirt unbuttoned at the collar.

They accentuate your jawline and timelessley manages to  create the ‘modern Englishmen’ look, espescially when wearing a pair of flushed skinny jeans and a short sleeved white shirt.

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